Winter 2008 – Eight Reasons to Buy Now

December 2, 2008

Eight Reasons to buy NOW!


1. Oct 7 2008 IMF predicts Canada will lead the G7 countries in growth at 1.2% in 2009.
2. Oct 9 2008 Prestigious World Economic Forum declares Canada has the soundest banking system in the world out of 134 countries, US ranked 44th.
3. A new RBC study conducted during the market turmoil in October finds Canadians overall have intentions to purchase a home in the next two years remain steady at 22 per cent and have not changed since January 2008.
4. The loony’s tumble in the last week of October served up a 15% advantage for Americans buying Canadian real estate.
5. 30-9-08 BC’s Employment rate is 95.4%, text book perfect!
6. 30-9-08 BC’s Consumer Price Index is 1.9%
7. Average home sale prices in 2002 were $250,000 and $453,000 in 2008, an 81% increase. Even with a BCREA forecast of $413,000 in 2009, the appreciation since 2002 would be just 65% over 7 years.
8. If you wait for everyone else to start buying (aka the bottom), you will have less choice, less power to negotiate and less time to make an intelligent decision.

Eight MORE reasons to buy NOW!


1. Residential building permits in BC for 2002 were $2.8 billion, and finished 2007 at $8.6 billion, a 271% increase, and 2002 was a great year!
2. BC Commercial building permits in 2002 were $1.1 billion and for 2007 $2.6 billion
3. BC now has the lowest provincial personal tax rate of any province in Canada. Provincial corporate tax rates are 1/3 less today than in 2001.
4. Provincial government investment in education has grown 30% in the past 7 years, and investment in health care has risen 60% in the same period.
5. Today BC has 33,000 more university seats than in 2001.
6. Out of all Canadian provinces, BC is least dependent on the US market.
7. Mining drilling rights sold in BC this year in the first 6 months of 2008 doubled the previous ANNUAL record.
8. The largest television audience in history, 3 billion people will watch the Vancouver Whistler Winter Olympics in 2010.