November 2015 Market Update – Vancouver Real Estate

December 1, 2015

November 2015 Market Update

As expected the volume of sales is finally starting to ease up as we head into the holidays. The difference this year though is that the only reason is the lack of property available to actually buy. As we enter the second week of December there are still plenty of buyers willing to step up and the few new listings that do come up are still frequently generating competing offer scenarios and multiple bidding wars. If there is a break from all this it seems likely that it could be days rather than weeks. Typically the fall market ends then it takes a while for buyers beginning their search in the New Year to commit to a purchase. However there are so many buyers left over from 2015 who have yet to secure a new home and are still keen to do so, that if new listings do start to increase after the break, January and February could be unusually busy too. Should you be thinking of buying or selling, get in touch with us to help you navigate the process.