December 2015 Market Update – Vancouver Real Estate Statistics

January 1, 2016

December 2015 Market Update

Typically, our market has a very quiet month in December. This year was no different. However, when we compare this quiet month to others in the past it was actually one of the strongest in the past decade…which makes sense as 2015 was one of the strongest markets we’ve had in that time span.

December 2015 had the highest number of sales in the last decade. It also had the lowest number of total listings. These are themes that we saw throughout the year. With limited supply and high demand, prices continued to be pushed upwards.

The New Year is likely to start right where 2015 left off. There is no reason to believe anything will change in the near future as we expect the significant pent up demand from 2015 to spill over into 2016.


December 2015 - Infographic (CORRECTED) 2